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Diary of a Living ('til they find me) Snarkmonkey...

Snarky, Snarky, Snarky, Snarky, Snarky, Snarky..

Redhawke, The Bard of Snarkmonkeytown
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I'm a (*gulp*) 40-year-old lawyer who never had time for hobbies. I'm (still) trying to change that. I'm a motorcyclist, a tinker, a computer geek wannabe. I'm learning I will get back to learning to dance and to play the guitar. I'm monogamous, partner to phoenixrisen, in crime, life, and all other ways.

I'm in transition. All I ever wanted to be was perfect. Is that so wrong?

NEW (Read it!) - Rules de guerre

All political viewpoints are welcome here. However, that doesn't mean viewpoints brought here are immune from challenge, especially if tendered without evidentiary support. If you bring it here, expect to defend it.

Basic Rules of Civil Conduct:

1. NO GRATUITOUS INSULTS! That goes not only for participants here, but to most real-world figures. I don't mind the occasional jab at myself, or political figures of note, but nothing but ad hominem jabs is not welcome. BTW, this goes for all sides of the political spectrum. Obviously, this is subject to some interpretation, but the best rule of thums is, if you can't fill in your best friend's name as the subject of your comment without upset, you shouldn't say it here.

2. Notwithstanding Rule #1, snarkiness is allowed (is there anyone out there that doesn't recognize the appropriateness of my nickname?), within the bounds of reason.

3. Anything that is presented here as a political "fact" is subject to challenge, even if I agree with it, including what I say myself. You are free to challenge any "fact" I cite. I am free to ignore such challenges. You are then free to ignore such facts. Everything in Rule #3 applies in reverse.

4. It is no secret that I consider myself (as do most of the people who know me) as American Conservative. As to my feelings on much political discourse, Murnkay says it better than I can. Liberals are welcome here, subject to the above rules. Conservatives are welcome here, subject to the above rules. Nobody gets special treatment. I am anti-idiotarian, and strive to be non-idiotarian as much as I can. I don't always succeed.

5. As much as is reasonable, the above rules are guidelines as much as anything else. I am not looking for a fight, just a fun, challenging, intellectually stimulating interchange of ideas. Feel free to join in if you want the same.

Current Earth-Destruction Status

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Things to do/learn:

  • Play guitar
  • Get my pilot's license
  • Get back into martial arts
  • Fix my bike
  • Get involved in politics again
  • Cook more/Expand my menu

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